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Ensure hassle free business trips for your employees.

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Our USPs

Zimyo corporate credit card allows you to ensure that your employees can pay during business trips without using their personal cash 

  • No Need to issue advance Foreign Exchange for travelling abroad
  • Never expiring reward points
Consolidated reports for all

Take command of your company expenses

Authorized business expenses—such as hotel stays and plane tickets—can now be paid via the Corporate Company card without the employees having to use their own card or cash

As a business, it is very difficult to have visibility on business expenses. But with corporate cards, businesses can now have access to online statement & reports on their employees spending on business affairs.

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Rewards that scale 

Earn as you spend

Get cashback on every business purchase, across all categories. Save effectively no matter where or how you choose to spend over time.

Cashback balance is automatically credited to your monthly bill, so you’ll never lose out on your rewards.

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Empower your employee with the best benefits from us. You know what more you get, than just financial benefits for your employees?

You get their trust and belief in your organization and the promise that they would care for the organization like you care for them in times of need!

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