Group Health Insurance

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Zimyo Group Health Insurance allows you to offer Health security to your employees to live fearlessly and to face any medical emergency!

  • No Waiting Period for any diseases including PED (Pre-existing diseases)
  • No medical check-up required;
  • Cashless across India at TAT of approx. 2 hours.
  • Best Claim settlement ratio across the industry.
Group health insurance
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We will take care of the rest

Do you want to prepare yourself for all kinds of Accidental emergencies? We have got it all covered under our Plan!

No medical checkup.

Avail these benefits from day one. With Zimyo’s insurance policy get yourself & your family members secured.

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Show that you care

Loyalty is earned when Employees find their organizations helping them in their times of need.

Give your employees access to the best insurance plans they need to have before they face any medical emergency. Make them feel you always care for them by enabling Health Insurance for them.

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Group health insurance

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Empower your employee with the best benefits from us. You know what more you get, than just financial benefits for your employees?

You get their trust and belief in your organization and the promise that they would care for the organization like you care for them in times of need!

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