Salary Cards

Salary card is to salary accounts what old is to new.

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Zimyo Salary Cards allows you to help your employees receive their salaries on a card. It is as seamless as having an account with a debit card. Even for those who don’t have an account!

  • Minimal KYC
  • Instant Activation
  • Offers pre-loaded on the Card
Get paid where you go

Just take the Salary Card with you

Don’t have an account? Worry not. We got you covered with a Salary Card. Now get your salary credited on the card, withdraw cash or use it at various merchants, restaurants or stores. It is as good as having your own account.

No hidden charges. Just make the request and get the card.

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Salary on a Card

Digital Payments are here

Tired of going through long waiting periods to get your employees salary accounts? The wait is over. Use our fast paperless method for opening a salary card that is convenient for your employees 

Even for employees finding it hard to open an account, bridge that financial gap with employees by offering salaries on a card

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Get Benefits on your own terms. Effortless application. Seamless Process. Simplified!

Zimyo Advantage

Empower your employee with the best benefits from us. You know what more you get, than just financial benefits for your employees?

You get their trust and belief in your organization and the promise that they would care for the organization like you care for them in times of need!

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